Whether it's insecurity, indecisiveness, lack of confidence or complacency - whatever the issue is - self improvement is difficult unless you know how to help yourself.

If you love yourself enough to know that you're in the right place and time in life, but are tired all the time, disconnected from others, and feel like it's time to make a change, this message is for you!

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Where are your keys? Did you know you hold the freedom to unlock a door in your life with that answer? If you know where your keys are, then you are free to explore new opportunities, try out new hobbies and save time by not having to look anywhere else. I'll give you ideas on how to grab the freedom that is guarded by where you put your keys.

I'll show you how to have an intense vision and victory for your future to enhance intimacy and self-worth back in your life, regardless of where life takes you.

What You'll Learn:

House Keys
House Keys

The ability to find your keys unlocks a door in your life. Women who know where their keys are have successful, thriving lives because they are free to explore possibilities and opportunities. I'll give you tools to help you understand where your keys are.


Locating your Keys

Illustration of a Padlock
House Keys
House Keys

It's time to open the doors to incredible experiences. I'll give you tips on how to make sure that you transform your dreams into reality, starting with renewing your mind and unlocking the doors in your mind.


Unlocking the Door

Illustration of a Padlock

Whether it's insecurity, indecisiveness, lack of confidence or complacency - whatever the issue is - self improvement is difficult unless you know how to help yourself. And even if you can figure out how to help yourself, who will you turn to when you need someone who understands? Discovering Self Academy is here to provide advice from a professional source so you can gain the tools needed to make positive changes in your life

House Keys
House Keys


Walking through



Illustration of a Padlock

Hi, I am Tiffynee!

I'm Tiffynee, and I'm here to help you redefine your self-intimacy and bring transformation, reflection, revelation, and a reset of self back into your life asap with this book. These 8 Chapters are a way to evaluate, transform and renew any season in your life. After experiencing :

Congestive heart failure

Broken friendship after broken friendship

One marriage already in the dump, one headed for the ruins

I decided to take charge of my life. I sat back to reflect and had one significant revelation almost immediately. Everyone was different in these situations, but one thing remained the same, Sis, it was me. Yes, I was the same as far as who I was, but when it came to being my best self and serving that up to others, I lacked in that area. So I decided to make a change, starting with reflecting on myself. I wanted a transformation, not knowing who I thought I could be but being that person. So I started implementing the worksheets in my book.

I started to train my mind differently by adding knowledge to build me up. Into the person someone wanted to be friends with, someone a person wanted to be married to, and a mom my kids, could be proud of in life. I started rebuilding my marriage, my relationship with my kids, and outside reciprocal friendships. I had to redefine our intimacy as well. I'm now celebrating 11 years of marriage, and I'm thrilled because I have found my joy in getting to know myself every day with no shame or guilt connected to it..

Love, Tiffynee

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If you're like most women, finding your keys allows you to unlock more than just your front door. A woman who can find her keys is free to do anything she's capable of.

Here's what you 'll get realistically after experiencing the Keys to Kinky Workshop

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